Why Piperlyne

Piperlyne has been cultivating her intuitive gifts since she was a young child. As an adult she's been refining her tools through education and experience. After receiving over a thousand hours of training and working with thousands of students and clients since 2004, she finally got the "ALL CLEAR" from her own guidance to begin offering

An Intuitive Life

Why You

You know that you want something different. You have a new sense of purpose, or new desire to find and live your purpose. You might find yourself experiencing your life differently. You might feel out of control. And while all lives have challenges and difficulties, you know that there is a deeper meaning to what is happening in your life right now. You also know there is a light and a joy deep within you that wants to shine freely. 

Why Now

Life has never been like it is now. Those things outside of us that we have relied on for support and stability are falling away. We are being called on by Life to become the best version of ourselves right now. There is access to so much information now, on what we should think, say, and do. It can be overwhelming. Now is the absolute perfect time to connect with your own inner wisdom so you can embrace 

An Intuitive Life. 

Tools - Gifts - Practice

Spiritual Life Coaching

As a student in 2000, Piperlyne left her more traditional psychology studies and embraced the, then new concept, of Life Coaching. It resonated with her because she never had any desire to be, or be seen as, an authority over someone else's experience. She has always believed in the deeper knowing each person has within them. Life Coaching allows her to work within that frame and to help her clients to learn to trust their own process.


Piperlyne fell into hypnotherapy training by a fluke and it changed her life. It was, as they say,  meant to be.  The healing, understanding and forgiveness she experienced, helped her move through the most traumatic times in her life. The changes in her understanding of space and time and the nature of our souls has been a powerful part of her personal evolution and awakening. She loves offering her clients the opportunity to have their own transformative experiences with hypnotherapy.

Intuitive Tools

Everyone is intuitive. We all have that access to our inner wisdom or higher guidance. It is our natural state of being. Piperlyne came into this life very connected to her inner guidance and it never faded. She's spent decades of growing that intuitive connection, and now it's as natural as breathing. When you work with Piperlyne you will see how she uses all of her intuitive tools in every interaction with her clients and in her life. 

Meditation - Yoga

While Piperlyne had been meditating since she was a child, she had never taken part in a meditation program until she took a Yoga Teacher Training program in 2014. This is where she was introduced to the compelling modality of Yoga Nidra. It resonated with her experiences in hypnotherapy but took her into a deeper space of bliss, non duality, presence and non attachment. This amazing practice strengthened every thing else she has ever learned in this life. She also integrates breathe work and simple yoga poses in her work with clients.

Energy Work

Piperlyne has been trained in Reiki, Polarity, and Chakra and Cranial Sacral work, but most of the energy work done by Piperlyne is a style all her own. It uses a combination of  being present, silent, and/or using guided visualization to support her client's health and well being. This energetic healing style is called Nexus Point Healing and was created by Piperlyne in 2017.

Why An Intuitive Life?

Being intuitive is not a weird sixth sense but a very natural and almost instinctual way to live life. When we work to build this connection in our life by asking, listening and following our inner guidance, we begin to live very different lives. Life begins to bloom. All of us are connected like this as babies and children but often forget as we grow up. Piperlyne will help you reconnect to your intuition. An Intuitive Life is more than simply receiving help through a rough spot. It will train you to strengthen your own natural intuition so that you can live An Intuitive Life of your own.


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