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Who I Am

This is why I do what I do -

Mission Statement as a Human - It is my job, while in this human body, to allow each moment of this life to move through me.  I embrace it and let it go as it widens, deepens, clarifies and expands my expression of love.  It is also my job to heal this human body of all the pains and imbalances that came with it, deep within the DNA.   I heal the DNA for those who come after me along with those who came before me. It is my job to transmute every moment from what it seems to what it truly is, an expression of love on the highest level.  Every step in healing and expression of love is mirrored in the universe instantaneously.  As I do this not only do I become the spiritual being that I am but I also heal the world. - 

Written by Piperlyne, September 2011

Here is a bit about me and how I got here -

Growing up the oldest of four children, we moved around a lot in my childhood, back and forth between California and the Midwest. By the time I graduated high school as a junior I had attended 12 different schools. My childhood was spent meditating on my own at age five, reading 3-4 different books at the same time, learning about tarot cards and astrology at 10 years old, and living in an amazingly beautiful internal world of bright and colorful imaginations and pretending. I was lucky that even with all those moves, I made friends easily and was accepted. 

Moving from home at age 19, I took a job with an upstart airline and ended up working in the airline industry for almost 20 years. I learned priceless lessons about how people work, observing how our fears effect our behaviors. I also learned so much about myself; how to better communicate in extremely stressful situations, think FAST on my feet,  how to listen to what is being said and, just as importantly, what is not being said, the importance of coming from a place service, and when to be silly and when to be serious and that both were important at work.  My intuitive skills continued to expand during this time as I started to see and understand things correctly about people and situations when I didn't have the facts yet to support it. This was also a time of serious self inquiry and healing of childhood traumas. My understanding of energy grew; how it works, how we all are energy and that we can make it work for us just as it can work against us.  I loved my work and all that I learned, and one morning I woke up and I knew I was done. It was time to move on. I wanted to do more.

Enter in life coaching, hypnotherapy, energy work, yoga and going to school to learn, or remember, all the tools I use in the work I do now. I worked in a number of office jobs that I enjoyed, and met some beautiful people. I loved these jobs, even after I left. I didn't wait until I was miserable to leave. I left when I felt I had stopped growing. This is just one way in which I have always followed my intuition, when the joy was gone from a situation I knew it was time for me to do one of two things; change my perspective or change my situation. Sometimes we have to grow through a situation and sometimes we grow out of it. My intuition helped me to know the difference. After working full time, teaching part time and seeing clients outside of work I decided to take the leap, quit my full time employment and focus on teaching and my own business. That was in 2009. 

In 2010 my life changed. I became pregnant with identical twin boys. I was instantaneously in love. I knew I would be changed forever and I was, but in ways I would have never guessed. I faced a pregnancy fraught with medical challenges as I fought for the lives of the twins before I ever gave birth. After a short 27 week pregnancy both boys were born alive and were doing amazingly well. Nine days later one of my boys, Eli, was diagnosed with an infection. He died in my arms in his hospital room 36 hours later.  My surviving son, Nolan, came home from the hospital at 66 days old. There are no words to describe the pain and the trauma of the entire pregnancy, the birth of both my boys and death of Eli. There are also no words to describe the power, joy and love of the entire pregnancy and the lives of both my boys. Both of my boys have gifted me with access to parts of my soul that I could have never reached on my own. I've shattered a thousand times and recreated myself a thousand and one times. I am still recreating myself and am still healing from the shock and trauma. One of the things I have learned through this is that the power of our hearts, minds and spirits to heal from trauma is more than we know, especially when we have the right support.  My experience of life is so much deeper, clearer and more loving than I could have ever imagined it could be, because of my boys. My gratitude for them is dynamic and life altering.

So now, here we are. I am a single parent to an amazing differently-abled son who has his twin brother's spirit as a constant companion and guide. I am a lover of new ideas and a writer who has a passion for metaphors and poetry. I'm  visual dreamer who delights in nature photography, architecture and design. I'm a teacher who is here to help you see things differently, to be of service in your growth, to challenge you, to help you to feel safe and loved, to support you in trusting the intrinsic beauty within you and within Life. I believe in the power of our intentions, silence, observing, questioning, listening, and most of all I believe in the power of Life and Love. I have lived An Intuitive Life and I know the grace it brings. I am here to help you connect with and live An Intuitive Life too.

Peace ~




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